Ministry of Municipal Affairs


Q.  How do I obtain a Business BCeID?

A.  The BCeID Account Manager or BCeID Profile Manager for your organization will be required to provide all staff responsible for completing BFRs, PPRs and Claims with their own Business BCeID username and then must provide this information to the Ministry to allow access to LGIS.  **Please note it is mandatory for each LGIS user to have a separate Business BCeID username and password.

Q.  Can we submit claims online?

A.  Yes, in addition to PPRs and BFRs, Claims are required to be submitted online.

Q.  Do I need to complete entering a form in one session?

A.  No, work does not need to be completed in one session.  Once a file is saved you can come back to it at a later time.  The system will automatically time-out after 15 minutes when there has been no activity.  It is important to repeatedly save work otherwise it will be lost.

Q.  What browsers are supported?

A. Google Chrome is the supported browser..